512 (number)

511 512 513
Cardinal five hundred twelve
Ordinal 512th
(five hundred and twelfth)
Factorization 29
Roman numeral DXII
Binary 10000000002
Ternary 2002223
Quaternary 200004
Quinary 40225
Senary 22126
Octal 10008
Duodecimal 36812
Hexadecimal 20016
Vigesimal 15C20
Base 36 E836

512 is the natural number following 511 and preceding 513.

512 is a power of two: 29 (2 to the 9th power) and the cube of 8: 83.

Also, it is the eleventh Leyland number.[1]

Special use in computers

512 bytes is a common sector size and exactly a half of kibibyte.

Internet Relay Chat restricts the size of a message to 510 bytes, which fits to 512-bytes buffer together with message separating CRLF sequence.[2]

512 = 2·256 is the highest number of glyphs, which VGA character generator can use simultaneously.

Most CT scans are 512x512 resolution.

In music

Lamb of God recorded the song titled "512" for their 2015 album VII: Sturm und Drang.


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