IBFS – International Society of Blockchain For Science


Constitution and mission statement subject to change.


  1. This organisation is comprised of a wide range of blockchain experts, including researchers, librarians, advocates, tech entrepreneurs, scholarly publishing experts, communication and community management specialists, and crypto-economists.
  2. The mission of this organisation, and all member affiliates herein, is to guide the community in leveraging blockchain technology for making the research ecosystem and knowledge creation efficient:
    1. so to employ open science principles,
    2. so as to accelerate dissemination of scientific discoveries, observations, ideas
    3. so to prevent centralized or closed control over any parts of the research cycle, specifically, data, publication, incentivisation and assessment,
    4. so to prevent artificial constraining business models of service providers (middle men),
    5. so to prevent research fraud and assure research subject privacy,
    6. so to ensure an ethical a moral high-standing conduct and the continuous discussion of ethical implications,
    7. so to ensure open, self-governed knowledge creation on the internet serving a world-wide user community
  3. The society sees ‘Blockchain’ as an emerging term that subsummerizes new potentials through an unforeseen combination of tech, game theory, socio-legal changes, economic incentives and strong cryptography and that manifests through
    • decentralised, peer-to-peer computer & network infrastructure,
    • crypto- and token economies,
    • crowd-investment using Initial coin offerings (ICOs),
    • novel value propositions for knowledge creation,
    • data marketplaces,
    • trusted hardware,
    • new models of research subjective privacy (protection) and
    • new models of data processing methods
    • all based on cryptography.
  4. The society will act through consultation, by providing statements, guidelines (technical and ethical), publications, standards and through the nomination of experts and committees.
  5. It will integrate concepts and projects in an open and transparent manner as part of our core principles.
  6. The IBFS will be the legal, structural and representative frontend of a more decentralized, liquid community. It will act as the contact to traditional structures, such as governments, universities, societies, etc. It will collaborate with other parties who share the mission to enable and sustain open science and decentralized network infrastructures.
  7. Our members agree to abide by the following principles:
    1. To combat the charges or long term impediments to the free circulation of scientific knowledge through copyright or other means have no place in modern society.
    2. That alternative means of financing scientific conduct and distributing scientific knowledge exist, and should be pursued wherever possible.
    3. We have a moral duty to constantly adapt, explore and innovate with regard to the social, legal, technical, and economic incentive structures involved in scientific knowledge production.
    4. Governance of science (and therefore the incentive structures of science), should be by researchers in free dialogue with the wider community, and not hijacked by any vested interests (commercial or otherwise). Through this, we aim to bring back control of public science to the research community.

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Founded: 10th of May, 2018, in Zug, CH.