Mission Statement

To Open up Science and knowledge creation by means of the blockchain (r)evolution.


To bring science towards reproducible results, autonomous and free data handling and incentivisation of true innovation.

To guide the social, technical, cultural, political, economical and legal impacts of the blockchain (r)evolution to science.

To support scientific communication and education.

To free science from any kind of censorship, central point of failure or other potential deadends.

Allow technical innovation without centralisation.

To provide insights to current stakeholders, science workers, research funders and institutions, and to constructively involve them in the transition process so as to prevent unnecessary friction costs among stakeholders (agnostic of the deep societal entanglement of science and research).

To provide alternative systems that may amend instead of forcefully replace existing systems.

To evolve sciences artificial competitions and markets so as to incentivise outliers and not the mean.

To provide novel, less overhead (and empty ‘conduct’ creating) concepts.

To make them unpredictable for system gamers.

To evolve business models, analyse their impact on the scientific culture and provide roadmaps to autonomous and continuous scientific endeavors and their applicability.

To replace our marketing heavy economy with innovation heavy economy. To solve the innovator’s dilemma.

To make the most efficient and sustainable use of our unique resources on earth, to accommodate an increasing number of humans and finally to make humanity multi-planetary, to prevent extinction of our species and to extend the ultimate frontier to become independent of our earth.

All this with a minimal and potentially self-sustaining structure.



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