Scientific Publishing on the Blockchain


7-8 May 2018

WU Vienna Interdisciplinary Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics


Twin symposium with CRYPTSCIENCE2018

***The unconference evolved away from its initial intention and division in a publishing part and cryptoeconomy part – which is great! – now it will span the whole bandwith of blockchain for science in all locations. We are very excited that we can bring many blockchain for science projects and likeminded people to the table. Please be advised that networking, socialising, etc. will be an important part. The program is intentionally unstructured in parts so that the community can take over ***

The aim of this two day unconference is to coordinate efforts around building new scientific publishing solutions to counter legacy business models, which are technologically outdated, built around walled-gardens,  slow, and often pose single points of failure, censorship potential and control of a few gatekeepers.

We therefore invite all movers and shakers of the scientific community and publishing industry who are either building or researching scientific publishing solutions, using blockchain, DLT, cryptoeconomics or associated technologies. We also invite researchers in the areas blockchain and distributed ledger technologies who are willing to try out new ways of publishing, and members of scientific funding organisations and libraries who are supportive of new approaches.


Room AD.0.114 @ Vienna University of Economics and Business Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Vienna, Austria (Static map, Google maps link).

Note: We have a flight to Zürich that we could all take together, and a little Sunday socialising pre-program, see below.

Unconference (Day 1, 7th of May)

Fixed: Start 9:00, lunch break 13:00-14:00, end 18:00

Lenght of talks: About 15-20 min inkl. discussions, all common data formats can be used (PPT, keynote, PDF), there will be a laptop available (Mac with PPT), but if you want, you can bring your own. Wifi will be available. Upload presentations anytime using links below or use an USB stick.





9:00 Welcome, house-keeping, organisation (Shermin Voshmgir, Prof. Alfred Taudes, Sönke Bartling)

9:15 Opening Keynote (Stefan Pichler)

09:30 Session I

  • State of Cryptoeconomic research (Shermin Voshgmir)
  • “A thirty year history of applying liquid democracy to scientific deliberation.” (David Bovill)
  • “Blockchain for Open Science” (Ingo Keck)
  • Journal for Cryptoeconomics … (Matthias Tarasiewicz)


11:30 – 13:00 Session II

  • “Three reasons why we should move scholarly publishing to peer-to-peer networks” (Lambert Heller)
  • “Research papers as smart contracts” (Prof Dr Dean Korošak)
  • “Proposing a new way of scientific conduct by incentivizing the community with blockchain” (Marius Chirita)
  • “Token-Curated Registries and the Peer-Review Process.” (Matthias Roeder)
  • “Democratizing Science through a Decentralized Repository of Validated Knowledge” (Valentin Stauber)

13:00 – 14:00 lunch break

14:00 – 15: 30 Session IV

  • “Academic publishing: Copyright foundations and challenges” (Philipp Homar)
  • “Challenges from a Library perspective” (Georg Fessler)
  • “Open Science, scholarly publishing, and blockchain” (Jon Tennant)
  • Challenges of decentralised data storage (James Littlejohn)
  • Blockchain economy thoughts (for cooperation) …. Soenke & Chris

15:30-16:30 Coffee break (provided), tour of the campus

17:00 – end Session V

  • “Clustering journal papers using Node2Vec analysis” (Sanghyun Baek)
  • “Finding scientific consensus in a decentralized manner: The living Knowledge network” (James Littlejohn)

(If we have time on the first day, we will start project show cases)

Social dinner: 18:45 meeting in the auditory to go together to the Luftburg.

Show cases, hackathon, collaboration (Day 2, 8th of May)

Start 9:00, end 17:00 or so that we can catch our flight or train to Zürich.

Representatives of following projects will present their project, introduce beta versions, invite people to try, etc.. It is intentionally unstructured so we can show and discuss as needed, we will moderate accordingly. If you need a specific time for your presentation, please let us know, we will organize accordingly.

(See this document on an overview on Blockchain For Science projects)


  • Research Institute for Crypto Economics, Vienna University of Economics
  • Blockchain For Science
  • BlockchainHub Berlin


If you want to give a talk, showcase your project, etc. please let us know, everyone is welcome!

Please consider this telegram group – seems to be the most complete regarding science on the blockchain.

For housing, travelling, organisation etc. use this telegram group. For the transfer from Vienna to Zürich, we suggest Austrian Airlines flight (OS 567) leaving Vienna 8:05 pm on Tuesday to arrive in Zürich at 09:25 pm. For those who want to take an overnight train, we suggest NJ 466 from Vienna to Zürich, leaving Vienna Meidling at 9:35 pm, use this telegram group to find travel mates.

Faculty members, collaborating institutes and students of the Vienna University of Economics & Business please register here for free.

If you have already time to spend on Sunday afternoon in Vienna, join us on a the third man tour, we suggest any tour between 4pm to 6pm (tickets sell quick). Sunday 7 pm: Self-organized preconference dinner at Schweizerhaus.

Talks and discussions might be photographed or recorded, if you don´t want that, please let us know.


Link to Vector file. 


  • Mario Dewald Posted February 9, 2018 6:34 pm

    Great thinks going to happen!

  • Felix Fritsch Posted April 15, 2018 7:45 pm

    Great thing! will there be a live stream? this would make my friends from Barcelona really happy, we are working on a related project.

    • Soenke Bartling Posted April 16, 2018 9:51 am

      We will try to set it up – What is the name of your project? Come as well – it is a great opportunity to meet other teams!

  • Nicole Posted May 3, 2018 4:02 pm

    Please stream! I can’t make it, in California.

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