Tokens for Knowledge creation

Let new sparks fly really high and fast!

The scarcest resource in knowledge creation are truly new and innovative ideas, concepts and observations. It is the nature of ideas that they might look obvious in hindsight, however, who ever had a new idea/came up with a new concept knows how hard it is to actually come up with it and distribute it through the network. It is like history – it is lived forward, but interpreted backward. There are many roads to go in the future, but only one that we went.

We think that truly novel concepts/ideas/findings are under appreciated. People even claim that ideas are worthless, only implementation counts. That is absolutely wrong and maybe the biggest fallacy in today’s science world. Without these genius insights, there are no sparks that can lead to implementation.

By creating a value token to concepts/ideas/findings, we will incentivise geniuses and equip them with more resources to let them continue with their knowledge creation. We hope to shift the value deposition of great ideas, concepts and observations far upstream. Additionally, the value of the token will monetize the network effect and therefore provide an incentive to share ideas/concepts/findings early and strongly – in stark contrast to the current incentivation system in science. Maybe this will even give a new approach to the innovators dilemma / patents…. Anyway, let us kickstart the token economy for science!

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