Hack´n`Share Weekend V0.0 in Berlin


The blockchain revolution offers great potential for Science and Knowledge creation. Immutable data trails, novel means to research money distribution and even crowdfunding methods arise – just to name a few.

With this minihackathon/unconference we want to bring the blockchain tech community together with scientists, create engagement and hope to win talent for the living knowledge network. There will be talks, discussion rounds, breakout sessions and lots of hands on. Bring your own laptop! (PC, MAC, LINUX), install node.js, git and other standard developer tools. Please note, that you don´t have to be a developer to benefit from this meeting! Also note, that the program will be flexible and we really want to work together, learn from each other, discuss and let serendipity happen. 

Who should come: All scientists with a slightest interest in Blockchain, Open Science advocates and techies with interest in blockchain in science and knowledge creation. 

Date:  27th – 29th of October, starts Friday evening with a public meetup.

Organized by PD Dr Sönke Bartling, James Littlejohn


Planned breakouts : 

  • The Living Knowledge Network (James Littlejohn, Bartmoss St. Clair & Roman Gonitel, lkn.foundation)
  • Creating science`s incentivation & publication systems of tomorrow (Shakib Wassey, pevo.science & Martin Etzrodt)
  • Community developement of good practices for ICOs in Research & Science (Sönke Bartling) – Current status – eb is invited to contribute

(there are 3 breakouts and 3 breakout sessions, so everybody can join every breakout)

Friday (Public pre-program):

19:00 Meetup @ HIIG: 

“Openess, money & power: Combining provable openness with science funding by means of blockchain ” – maybe this time changes will come?


Jon Tennant, PhD (@Protohedgehog) on the current status of Open Science.

Lisa Matthias (@l_matthia, Aletheia) – Utilizing Technology and Community Engagement for Open Knowledge Sharing

Dr Medhi Benchoufi, Université Paris Descartes, on using blockchain for clinical studies

Magomed Chatuev & George Nikitin from ARNA Genomics: Worlds first ICO for a research project. How we gonna change biotech market using trusted research results by means of blockchain. 

Saturday (Main program):

From 08:30 Breakfast in Friedrichs106, self-paid, who can make it

09:30 Doors open, registration, getting ready

10:00 Welcome! House keeping, organization, etc. “Hallo” round

10:30 Opening talk by Prof. Mark Turrel – on the (blockchain) future of science

& Discussions

11:15 Talk: Lambert Heller, TIB, Hannover, on blockchainified data storing

11:30 Roman Gonitel, on “Open collaboration in Science and Discovery – Building the Game of Generosity”

12:00 Intro breakout by James Littlejohn: The living knowledge network

12:30 Intro breakout by Shakib Wassey: Pevo.science

12:50 Intro breakout by Sönke Bartling: ICO good practices for research projects


13:15 Breakout / coworking I

16:00 Coffee / Open Mic / Plenum discussions

17:00 Talk: Prof Volker Skwarek, HAW, Hamburg, on setting up a Science Blockchain

17:30 Felix Ohswald (knowledge.space) on finding an universal system of assessing the value of knowledge (on the blockchain)

18:00 Bartmoss St. Clair: Mathematical Theory of Knowledge

18:20 Breakout / coworking II


10:30 Doors open, discussions, open mic

11:00 Dimitra Papadopoulou on Blockchain in Healthcare – what is actually out there?

& Discussion “What is blockchain in Healthcare?”

11:45 Elad Verbin, Berlininnovation: Privacy on the Blockchain

Abstract: Standard blockchain systems currently offer no inherent privacy. Quite the contrary, all information on blockchain systems is posted publicly and highly-replicated. In this talk we will overview the current state of the art in privacy solutions (e.g. Zcash). We will discuss the fundamental cryptographic ideas needed to ensure privacy in Dapps. We then give several case studies of privacy-preserving Dapps, both current and futuristic.

12:15 Open Mic, topics t.b.d.

13:00 Pizza & Soda (provided)

13:30 Breakout / coworking III

15:00 Dr Shermin Voshmgir, BlockchainHub, Berlin, on the crypto and token economy

15:30 Sunday afternoon show case, discussions, prospects & close


Add. Speakers (time will be determined):

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Location: Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Französische Str.9, close to Bhf. Friedrichstrasse.


The recorded talks on our youtube-Playlist:


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