The Blockchain for Science

The infrastructure of the Web 3.0 for Science and Knowledge creation!

Here, a Blockchain for Science will be set up. The Blockchain for Science will be the backbone of science in the future. Several implementations will be tried. We are prepared to make mistakes. We will try to fail early and switch implementations. Furthermore, we are aware of existing implementations and, depending on the use case, we will incorporate and integrate them. This holds especially true for public, permissionless, well established blockchains. We are aware that there may be different usecases that require different blockchains/trust networks/throughput, etc.

For the time being we believe that a permissioned, public blockchain that implements some form of token for the halting/spam problem is most suited for science, e.g. delegated Proof of Stake.

The blockchain will then be used to timestamp data sets, e.g. for pharmaceutical approval studies, to implement a DARO, and other projects.

We are looking for trusted third parties like universities, NGOs, large companies and governmental institutions to run permissioned ‘miners’ that provide cryptographic power to secure the blockchain. If you are interested email We will provide an easy to install package.

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