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We keep science meaningful.

Smart contracts will be used make the whole research process provable to the outside. They can also be used to pre-register studies and automatically come up with a decision as to whether a hypothesis will be accepted or rejected. In a way, it can be seen as the registration and time-stamping mechanism of the whole research workflow including the decision making.

We will provide smart contracts that implement standard scientific post-processing algorithms and decision making procedures.

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  • Frank Rummel Posted June 17, 2018 8:19 pm

    Some thoughts on blockchain science…

    My concern is with the correctness of the data. While human errors are forgivable, deliberate falsification is not. Reproducibility of experiments is a cornerstone of the historic scientific method, but far from universal quality in the world of prestige scientific publishing.

    I propose a bounty system to shoot down false science. While the appearance of a bounty hunter on your scientific data may not be cause for celebration if the results are negative, positive results will provide greater validity to your scientific work, add to your reputation score as well as reward the bounty hunter for their efforts.

    In addition, perhaps there could be a limbo period where data stays until a bounty hunter has validated it.

    As for how to finance bounty hunting, perhaps these funds could come from the cryptocurrency mined on the science blockchain.

    BTW: Great website!

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