Researchers et. al. identity

The one and only.

In today’s world, trusted third parties are necessary to confirm identities and to avoid falsified identities. (This is the case for researcher as well as research subject identity.) However, identity management remains an unsolved problem in blockchain world.

We will work with trusted third parties, who currently retain banks of confirmed identities, such as social networks for scientists and institutions such as universities, ORCID, etc. Working with these organizations, we can reliably connect researchers to the blockchain world. This will be done by cryptographic certificates and signatures; a method which makes it possible to confirm the status of a researcher (e.g. a Professor at an Italian university), yet at the same time, keep other aspects of his identity anonymous.

Another important piece of this puzzle is the fact that  research subject identities will also need to be confirmed and transferred to the blockchain world. Here we will work with hospitals, insurance agencies and other organizations. This intersects relevantly with the subjects privacy.

Similarly, identity to no objects that are not persons exists, e.g. DOI, data references, etc.. These have also be transferred and made available to be used in the blockchain word.

The identity management will be done in a decentralized manner.

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