The School of Applied Blockchain Science

The distributed school.

The Web 3.0 for science, the value network and many associated concepts are revolutionary and need new processes and perspectives. We will encourage them in the form of a distributed university.

Students can enroll in courses that we or others provide. The topic will be “Blockchain for Science”, which will explore concepts related to blockchain/Web 3.0 and their applications to scientific knowledge creation. We will certify various means of education, ranging from meetups, to online and classroom courses. The students will be required to pick a project from the very beginning and publish regular changes to their evolving hypothesis and intermittent results. A committee will be setup to accept students, certify courses, monitor thesis progress and issue the resulting degree. 

We will not ask our students to write a thesis that nobody reads, thesis documents will be living one-pagers with links to public contributions. All current means of publications, be it Git contributions to code, dynamic documents, wikipedia contributions will be good to reach a degree that will be issued on a blockchain. 

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