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Let´s leverage passion!

A blockchain for science coin will be issued. Tokens that are minted in an established blockchain system and exchanged for established coins (e.g. Ethereum, Bitcoin) are a great tool to fund Web 3.0 projects.

Blockchain world/Web 3.0 comes with novel business models, e.g. network effects are not monetized by becoming a centralized monopoly, rather network effects contribute to the growth of value,  by the pure, large, borderless adaptation of a concept, in this case blockchainified Science. The created value that is represented by the token is a better, effective, open, censorship-proof  and more innovative science.

Furthermore, through a connection in the form of smart contracts, a dividend created by the ‘innovation’ market, or similar body can be paid to token holders at later development stages. Ideally, the Blockchain for Science becomes a conveyor of a hype that strongly facilitates the implementation of blockchainified science. Furthermore, the secondary markets that built around it could ideally reward early adopters for their risk taking.

Blockchain for Science coins can be acquired in two ways:

  1. Buying them
  2. Contribution to the aim

The coins will be used to incentivise the projects.Ultimately, it will be converted in ‘quotes’ in the living knowledge network.

The token will be issued in close loop with the community, legal situation in Germany and the internal development of Blockchain for Science. The spending will be open and token will be released in charges that are appropriate for the development status. Science is definitively too valuable for scams!

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  • Mario Dewald Posted May 17, 2017 7:28 am

    Where to buy?

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