Clinical data
AHFS/ International Drug Names
ATC code D04AA22 (WHO) R06AD09 (WHO)
CAS Number 482-15-5 1225-65-6
PubChem (CID) 3781
DrugBank DB08802 YesY
ChemSpider 3649 YesY
KEGG D08091 YesY
ECHA InfoCard 100.006.890
Chemical and physical data
Formula C16H19N3S
Molar mass 285.408 g/mol
3D model (Jmol) Interactive image

Isothipendyl is a 1st generation H1 antagonist (antihistamine) and anticholinergic used as an antipruritic. It is nowadays scarcely used in the 1st line relief of allergies due to the anticholinergic side effect of somnolence but does have some limited use through topical application in the relief of insect bites and related itching (pruritus).

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