Swiss referendums, 2006

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Six referendums were held in Switzerland during 2006.[1] The first was held on 21 May on revising article 48a in the Swiss Federal Constitution on education, and was approved by 86% of voters.[2] The second set of three referendums was held on 24 September on proposed amendments to the laws on asylum and foreigners, as well as a popular initiative on diverting profits from the Swiss National Bank into the national pension fund. The two laws were approved, whilst the initiative was rejected.

The final two referendums were held on 26 November on laws on assistance to Poland and other poorer EU countries, and family allowances. Both were approved.[3][4]


Month Question For Against Invalid/
Total Registered
Turnout Cantons for Cantons against
Votes % Votes % Full Half Full Half
MayConstitutional amendment on education1,137,45085.6191,66614.426,9431,356,0594,877,89727.820600
SeptemberSwiss National Bank profits973,83141.71,359,51458.352,2462,385,5914,893,92748.721185
Amendment to the foreigners law1,602,13468.0755,11932.036,2432,393,49648.9
Amendment to the asylum law1,598,39967.8760,78732.234,6202,393,80648.9
NovemberAmendment to the family allowances law1,480,79668.0697,41532.028,2682,206,4794,902,44645.0
Law on assistance for eastern Europe1,158,49453.41,010,19046.636,5852,205,26945.0
Source: Direct Democracy


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