Swiss referendums, 1999

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Ten referendums were held in Switzerland during 1999.[1] The first four were held on 7 February on changes to the eligibility for membership of the Federal Council (approved), constitutional regulations on organ transplantation (approved), a popular initiative "house ownership for everyone" (rejected) and an amendment to the federal law on spatial planning (approved). The fifth was held on 18 April on a new Swiss Federal Constitution, which was approved.[1]

The last five referendums were held on 13 June on the asylum law (approved), on a federal resolution on asylum and foreigners (approved), a federal resolution on the medical prescription of heroin (approved), federal laws on disability and maternity insurance (both rejected).[1]


New constitution

The proposed new constitution would sever the link between gold and the Swiss franc, which had been required by the old constitution.[2][3][4][5]

The Swiss National Bank was the last central bank to hold substantial gold reserves to back its currency.[6][7][8] The 2590 tonnes of gold provided 40% of the value of the franc.[9][10]


Month Question For Against Blank/invalid Total Registered
Turnout Cantons for Cantons against
Votes % Votes % Blank Invalid Full Half Full Half
FebruaryFederal Council membership eligibility1,287,08174.7436,51125.334,5045,4571,764,4534,641,61538.018620
Organ transplantation regulations1,501,92587.8209,26312.246,2165,4711,762,87538.020600
House ownership for everyone721,71741.31,025,02558.719,8175,4101,771,96938.230176
Spatial planning law amendment952,48255.9750,13044.153,7155,6991,762,02638.0
AprilNew constitution969,31059.2669,15840.823,3355,0661,666,8694,642,85435.912284
JuneAsylum law1,443,13770.6601,38929.466,1567,2822,117,9644,646,36245.6
Federal resolution on foreigners and asylum1,447,98470.8595,90829.268,6957,1252,119,71245.6
Medical prescription of heroin1,128,39354.4944,91945.645,2976,7602,125,36945.7
Federal law on disability insurance620,79730.31,428,98669.763,7747,1022,120,65945.6
Federal law on maternity insurance822,45839.01,286,82461.019,1466,4562,134,88445.9
Source: Nohlen


The new constitution approved in April made the franc fully fiat, and the Swiss National Bank began selling its gold reserves.[11][12] Some of the proceeds were used to set up a "solidarity fund" with developing nations. By November, the gold stockpile was reduced to 25%.[13][14][15]


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