Swiss referendums, 1995

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Seven referendums were held in Switzerland during 1995.[1] The first four were held on 12 March on a federal resolution on the popular initiative "for an environmentally sound and efficient peasant farming" (rejected), on a resolution on dairy farming (rejected), an amendment to the farming law (rejected) and a federal resolution on spending (approved).[2]

The last three were held on 25 June on an amendment to the federal law on aged and bereaved insurance (approved), a popular initiative to extend aged and bereaved and invalidity insurance (rejected) and an amendment to the federal law on purchasing land through agents abroad (rejected).[1]


Month Question For Against Blank/invalid Total Registered
Turnout Cantons for Cantons against
Votes % Votes % Blank Invalid Full Half Full Half
MarchFederal resolution on popular initiative836,21549.1866,10750.932,0304,5431,738,8954,583,93037.982124
Resolution on dairy farming620,74536.51,078,60763.534,9564,6471,738,95537.9
Amendment to the farming law569,95033.61,126,72166.437,0024,6801,738,35337.9
Federal resolution on spending1,390,83183.4277,22516.661,5455,6651,735,26637.920600
JuneAmendment to federal law on insurance1,110,05360.7718,34939.321,6216,1401,856,1634,591,79540.4
Popular initiative on extending insurance499,26627.61,307,30272.439,6146,5381,852,72040.300206
Amendment to the federal law on land purchases834,67346.4962,70253.648,5776,6751,852,62740.3
Source: Nohlen


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