Swiss referendums, 2001

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Eleven referendums were held in Switzerland during 2001.[1] The first three were held on 4 March on popular initiatives on joining the European Union, lowering medicine prices and lowering the urban speed limit to 30 km/h in most places. All three were rejected by voters.[2] The next three referendums were held on 10 June on two separate amendments to the federal law on the Swiss army and on a federal resolution on abolishing the requirement for a permit to establish a diocese, all of which were approved.[2]

The final five referendums were held on 2 December on federal resolution on expenditure, which was approved, and four popular initiatives, all of which were rejected. The popular initiatives were "for an assured Aged and Bereaved insurance - tax on energy instead of work," "for an authentic security policy and a Switzerland without army," "Solidarity creates security: for a voluntary civilian peace service" and "for a capital gains tax."[1]


Month Question For Against Blank/invalid Total Registered
Turnout Cantons for Cantons against
Votes % Votes % Blank Invalid Full Half Full Half
MarchEuropean Union membership597,21723.21,982,54976.824,10612,2472,616,1194,688,46155.800206
Lower medicine prices791,58930.91,774,12969.133,81612,4742,612,00855.700206
Urban speed limit of 30 km/h525,60920.32,063,31479.715,09512,1212,616,13955.800206
JuneFederal law on the military amendment (1)1,002,29751.0963,32949.023,1128,9201,997,6584,698,39942.5
Federal law on the military amendment (2)1,001,27451.1956,50348.929,9678,9861,996,73042.5
Abolishing permits for creating diocese1,194,55664.2666,10835.8104,95710,0371,975,65842.020600
DecemberFederal resolution on expenditure1,472,25984.7265,09015.338,5226,5101,782,3814,712,58337.820600
For an assured Aged and Bereaved insurance397,74722.91,342,00177.137,3196,4401,783,50737.800206
For an authentic security policy384,90521.91,372,42078.123,6096,3641,787,29837.900206
Solidarity creates security404,87023.21,339,22176.833,3236,4461,783,86037.900206
For a capital gains tax594,92734.11,149,18265.933,0486,4141,783,57137.800206
Source: Nohlen


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