Swiss referendums, 1994

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Thirteen referendums were held in Switzerland during 1994.[1] The first five were held on 20 February on federal resolutions on roadbuilding, continuing existing truck tolls and varying tolls based on engine power or mileage, as well as a popular initiative "for the protection of the alpine region from through traffic" and an amendment to the aeronautical law. All five were approved by voters.[2] The second set of referendums was held on 12 June on federal resolutions on an article on the Swiss Federal Constitution on the promotion of culture and a review of the procedure for naturalising young immigrants, as well as a federal law on Swiss troops in peacekeeping operations. Whilst the resolutions were both approved by a majority of voters, they did not receive the approval from the majority of cantons, so were rejected, as was the law on troops.[1]

The next two referendums were held on 25 September on abolishing price reductions on breadstuffs and an amendment to the Strafgesetzbuch and the military penal code, both of which were approved.[3] The final three referendums were held on 4 December on federal laws on health insurance and foreigners, and a popular initiative "for a healthy health insurance". The two laws were approved and the initiative rejected.[3]


Month Question For Against Blank/invalid Total Registered
Turnout Cantons for Cantons against
Votes % Votes % Blank Invalid Full Half Full Half
Continuing existing truck tolls1,324,24272.2509,22227.826,3482,7191,862,53140.820600
Varying truck tolls based on engine size1,221,63067.1597,91132.938,8122,8551,861,20840.718620
Popular initiative on protection of the alpine region from traffic (Alps initiative)954,49151.9884,36248.123,4362,8221,865,11140.813670
Amendment to the aeronautical law1,081,84461.1689,71538.9680,7343,7521,856,04540.6
JuneConstitutional article on culture promotion1,059,02551.01,018,18849.950,6403,9362,131,7894,572,71346.6102104
Citizenship for young immigrants1,114,15852.8994,45747.225,8993,4302,137,94446.892114
Federal law on Swiss peacekeeping troops899,62642.81,203,73657.231,9983,6132,138,97346.8
SeptemberAbolishing price reductions on bread products1,288,69764.6706,37935.482,9414,6892,082,7064,576,51245.520600
Amendments to the Strafgesetzbuch and military penal code1,132,66254.6939,97545.524,9103,1922,100,73945.9
DecemberFederal law on health insurance1,021,17551.8950,36048.237,6125,3282,014,4754,580,03544.0
Popular initiative for a healthy health insurance initiative460,67423.41,504,17776.643,8495,5502,014,25044.000206
Federal law on foreigners1,435,04072.9533,29727.142,3335,9052,016,57544.0
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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