Helvetic Republic constitutional referendum, 1798

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A constitutional referendum was held in the Helvetic Republic over several months in 1798.[1] Modelled after the Constitution of the Year III of 1795, the new constitution was approved by voters. In some places voting took places in public assemblies, whilst in others the local councils took the decision.[1]


Area Date of vote Method of vote Decision
AarauStart of AprilPublic assembliesApproved
Appenzell22 AprilCouncilRejected
Appenzell Ausserrhoden11 and 18 MayCouncilApproved
Appenzell Innerrhoden6 MayCouncilApproved
Baden1 AprilPublic assembliesApproved
Basel31 MarchPublic assembliesApproved
BellinzonaJunePublic assembliesApproved
Bern4 AprilPublic assembliesApproved
Bernese OberlandMarch–AprilPublic assembliesApproved
Engelberg6 MayCouncilApproved
Freiburg24 MarchPublic assembliesApproved
FürstenlandApril–MayPublic assembliesApproved
Gaster31 MarchCouncilApproved
Glarus26 AprilCouncilApproved
Graubünden (except in Chur)July/AugustPublic assembly in the High CourtApproved
Léman15 MarchPublic assembliesApproved
Lucerne30 MarchPublic assembliesApproved
LuganoMay–JunePublic assembliesApproved
March18 AprilCouncilRejected
Mendrisio26 JunePublic assembliesApproved
Nidwalden13 MayCouncilApproved
Obwalden4 AprilCouncilApproved
24 AprilRevoked
10 MayApproved
Rapperswil (city)22 AprilCouncilApproved
Rapperswil (countryside)Rejected
Rheintal8 MayPublic assembliesApproved
Schaffhausen2 AprilPublic assembliesApproved
Schwyz4 MayCouncilApproved
Solothurn22 MarchPublic assembliesApproved
ThurgauMarch–AprilPublic assembliesApproved
Toggenburg25 AprilPublic assembliesApproved
Uri17 MayCouncilApproved
UznachStart of AprilCouncilApproved
ValaisStart of MayPublic assembliesApproved
Zug8 MayCouncilApproved
Zürich31 MarchPublic assembliesApproved
Source: Direct Democracy


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