Swiss referendums, 1997

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Five referendums were held in Switzerland during 1997.[1] The first three were held on 8 June on two popular initiatives "EU accession talks in front of the people" and "for a ban on arms exports" and a federal resolution on ending the federal monopoly on producing and selling gunpowder. The two popular initiatives were both rejected, whilst the end of the gunpowder monopoly was approved.[1]

The last two were held on 28 September on a federal resolution on financing unemployment insurance and a popular initiative "youth without drugs". Both were rejected by voters.[2]


Month Question For Against Blank/invalid Total Registered
Turnout Cantons for Cantons against
Votes % Votes % Blank Invalid Full Half Full Half
JuneEU accession talks416,72025.91,189,44074.124,4174,9871,635,5644,614,66235.400206
Banning arms exports361,16422.51,243,86977.526,8454,9551,636,83335.500206
Ending the gunpowder monopoly1,268,16282.2275,04917.877,5206,1651,626,89635.320600
SeptemberFinancing unemployment insurance901,36149.2931,45750.837,7036,1011,876,6224,620,08440.6
Youth without drugs initiative545,71329.31,314,06070.720,2486,0331,886,05440.800206
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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