Swiss referendums, 1996

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Nine referendums were held in Switzerland during 1996.[1] The first five were held on 10 March on revising article 116 of the Swiss Federal Constitution regarding language, abolishing the cantons' responsibilities for providing army equipment, abolishing the federal requirement to purchase distilling equipment, abolishing federal financing of parking areas at rail stations, and whether municipality of Vellerat (then part of the canton of Bern) should become part of the canton of Jura. All proposals except the one regarding army equipment were approved.[1]

The next two referendums were held on 9 June on a law on governmental and administrative organisation and a counter-proposal to the popular initiative "peasants and consumers–for a nature-oriented farming". The counter-proposal was approved, whilst the new law was rejected.[1] The final two referendums were held on 1 December on a popular initiative "against illegal immigration" and an amendment to the federal law on labour in trade and industry. Both were rejected by voters.[1]


Month Question For Against Blank/invalid Total Registered
Turnout Cantons for Cantons against
Votes % Votes % Blank Invalid Full Half Full Half
MarchConstitutional amendment on languages1,052,05276.2329,15323.841,5834,4941,427,2824,599,42731.020600
Affiliation of Vellerat to Jura1,250,72891.6114,1058.455,7584,9481,425,53931.020600
Abolishing the cantonal responsibility for army equipment601,61343.7775,08756.345,3764,4921,426,56831.022184
Abolishing the federal requirement on spirits1,090,78380.8259,21519.267,3184,9491,422,26530.920600
Abolishing federal financing of rail station car parks741,21953.9632,79246.146,5194,5191,425,04931.011690
JuneCounter-proposal to popular initiative on farming1,086,53477.6313,87422.441,1504,4081,445,9664,602,57731.420600
Law on government and administrative organisation544,63039.4837,99060.655,1244,6781,442,42231.3
DecemberPopular initiative "against illegal immigration"982,86746.31138,30153.728,6576,2812,156,1064,612,26646.7102104
Amendment to the labour law697,87433.01,418,96167.032,1465,9522,154,93346.7
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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