William Leech PLC

William Leech PLC
Industry Housebuilding
Fate Acquired
Successor Beazer
Founded 1934
Defunct 1985
Headquarters Tyneside
Key people
Sir William Leech (Chairman and founder)

William Leech PLC was a major Tyneside housebuilder.


The company was established by William Leech, a former window cleaner in 1934[1] as William Leech (Builders) Ltd.[2] It bought very large landholdings in the Cramlington area[3] and was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1976 when its name was changed to William Leech PLC.[2] It achieved an output of 2,500 units in 1979[4] and announced a merger with Bellway in 1981 but it was called off within days: "the lifestyle of the two firms looked pretty incompatible".[5] The Company was acquired by Beazer in 1985.[2]


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