Expedition Engineering

Expedition Engineering
Industry Design, Engineering, Education
Founded 1999
Founder Prof. Chris Wise
Seán Walsh
Chris Smith
Headquarters London, England
Key people
Chris Wise (Director)
Seán Walsh (Director)
Andrew Weir (Director)
Ed McCann (Director)
Julia Ratcliffe (Director)
Parent The Useful Simple Trust
Website www.expedition.uk.com

Expedition Engineering is a London-based consulting firm, delivering structural engineering services.[1]


London 2012 Velodrome

Expedition Engineering was founded in 1999 by Professor Chris Wise (engineer for the Millennium Bridge, London) and Seán Walsh, both former employees at Arup.[2]

On 2 October 2008, Expedition's ownership was restructured, passing to an Employee Benefit Trust called the Useful Simple Trust.[3] The Useful Simple Trust also owns Thomas Matthews, a communications firm;[4] Think Up, a company specialising in engineering educational materials;[5] and Useful Simple Projects, a strategic and sustainability consultants.[6]

The trustees of the Useful Simple Trust are:

Notable projects

55 Baker Street
The Emirates Airline

Expedition Engineering's notable projects are:

Expedition is working with One world Design on the design of the new Diamond Jubilee Footbridge across the Thames between Battersea and Chelsea.[19]


Expedition has twice won the IStructE's Supreme Award for Structural Engineering, for the London 2012 Velodrome in 2011[20] and for the Infinity Bridge in 2009. 55 Baker Street also received a commendation for sustainability at the Structural Awards.

In 2012 Expedition was named Engineering Consultant of the Year at the Building Awards.[21]


Expedition Engineering is involved in several educational projects, including Constructionarium and the Expedition Workshed website, a selection of educational tools for engineering students created by Expedition with the support of a number of other organisations.[22]


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