Uruguayan municipal elections, 2005

Uruguay's local government elections, held on May 16, 2005, to elect the intendente of the 19 departments that are the administrative divisions of Uruguay, resulted in major gains for the newly elected Frente Amplio government, and heavy losses for the opposition Partido Nacional and Partido Colorado.

The Frente Amplio (left-wing) had won with an overwhelming margin the presidential and parliamentary elections on October 31, 2004, putting an end to the classic bipartisan competition and alternation in power of the Partido Colorado and the Partido Nacional (centre and centre right).

In the municipal elections of May 2000, the Partido Nacional had won 13 departments, the Partido Colorado five departments, and the Frente Amplio one department. As a result of the municipal elections of 2005, the Partido Nacional won 10 departments, the Frente Amplio eight, and the Partido Colorado one. The Frente Amplio had a net gain of seven departments, the Partido Colorado had a net loss of four departments and the Partido Nacional had a net loss of three departments.


Departements of Uruguay coloured according to the winning party:
Blue: Partido Nacional
Red: Partido Colorado
Dark red: Frente Amplio

Summary of the May 16, 2005 Uruguay municipal elections election results

Candidates - Parties Votes %
Broad Front – Progressive Encounter – New Majority 1,043,967 50.44
National Party 643,020 31.06
Colorado Party 360,944 17.44
Independent Party 19,568 0.95
Others 2,420 0.12
Source: Corte Electoral

List of winning candidates for intendente

Following is a list of the departments in Uruguay, with the name of the intendente elected, his party affiliation and the faction within the party to which he belongs:


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