Uruguayan Constitutional Assembly election, 1933

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Constitutional Assembly elections were held in Uruguay on 25 June 1933.[1] They followed a presidential coup by Gabriel Terra on 31 March,[2][3] Following the coup, the Assembly was appointed to formulate a new constitution.[3] The various factions of the Colorado Party emerged as the largest group in the Assembly, winning 151 of the 284 seats.[4]


Party Votes % Seats
National Party101,41941.1117
Batllist Terrist Colorado Party80,56332.695
Gral Rivera Colorado Party24,0889.828
Party for the Colorado Tradition13,7135.615
Radical Colorado Party11,5954.713
Civic Union9,7073.911
Communist Party4,9502.05
National Commission for the Unification of the Colorado Party8020.30
Reformist Party450.00
Invalid/blank votes
Registered voters/turnout428,597
Source: Nohlen


The Assembly produced a new constitution which was approved in a referendum, and promulgated the following year.[3] It abolished the National Council of Administration, replacing it with a nine-member Council of Ministers, in which the second party was guaranteed three members.[3] It also gave the party that had finished second in parliamentary elections half the seats in the Senate.[3]


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