Rocha Department

Rocha Department


Coat of arms

Location of Rocha Department & its capital

Coordinates (Rocha): 34°29′0″S 54°21′0″W / 34.48333°S 54.35000°W / -34.48333; -54.35000
Country  Uruguay
Capital of Department Rocha
  Intendant Artigas Barrios
  Ruling party Frente Amplio
  Total 10,551 km2 (4,074 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)
  Total 68,088
  Density 6.5/km2 (17/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Rochense
Time zone UYT (UTC-3)
ISO 3166 code UY-RO

Rocha (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈrotʃa]) is a department in the east of Uruguay. Its capital is the city of Rocha. It border Maldonado Department to its west, Lavalleja Department to its northwest, Treinta y Tres Department to its north, while to its northeast Laguna Merín forms part of it border with Brazil and at the south end of the lake it also borders the southernmost end of Brazil, with the city of Chuy "shared" between both countries, the border passing through its main commercial avenue.

Rocha has natural beauties like Cabo Polonio, Valizas, Santa Teresa National Park. It is well known for its beach resorts, like Punta del Diablo or La Esmeralda, which swell with visitors during the summer holidays. Inland, the primary economy of Rocha is based on large cattle ranches.


On 7 July 1880, the department of Rocha was formed from territory that had belonged to the department of Maldonado since the first division of the Republic in departments in 1819.

Population and Demographics

Topographic map of Rocha Department showing main populated places and roads

As of the census of 2011, Rocha Department had a population of 68,088 (33,269 male and 34,819 female) and 46,071 households.[1]

Demographic data for Florida Department in 2010:

2010 Data Source:[2]

Main Urban Centres

Population stated as per 2011 census. [3]

City / Town Population
Rocha 25,422
Chuy 9,675
Castillos 7,541
Lascano 7,645
La Paloma 3,495
Cebollatí 1,609
La Aguada y Costa Azul 1,090
Velázquez 1,022

Other towns and villages

Population stated as per 2011 census.[1]

Town / Village Population
18 de Julio 977
Punta del Diablo 823
San Luis al Medio 598
La Coronilla 510
Puimayen 505

Rural population

According to the 2011 census, Rocha department has an additional rural population of 4,146.

La Paloma, Rocha

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