Uruguayan general election, 1984

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General elections were held in Uruguay on 25 November 1984,[1] the first since the 1973 coup. Since then the country had been run by a civic-military dictatorship. The electoral process was considered transparent and marked the end of the dictatorship.[2] The result was a victory for the Colorado Party, which won the most seats in the Chamber of Deputies and received the most votes in the presidential election.



Party Candidates Votes %
Colorado PartyJulio María Sanguinetti - Enrique Tarigo588,14331.2
Jorge Pacheco Areco - Carlos Pirán183,5889.7
al lema5,9700.3
National PartyAlberto Zumarán - Gonzalo Aguirre553,19329.3
Dardo Ortiz76,0144.0
Juan Carlos Payssé - Cristina Maeso21,9031.2
al lema9,6570.5
Broad FrontJuan José Crottogini - José D'Elía401,10421.3
Civic UnionJuan Vicente Chiarino - Federico Slinger46,2412.5
Other parties9430.0
Invalid/blank votes
Registered voters/turnout2,200,086
Source: Nohlen

General Assembly

Party Votes % Chamber of Deputies Senate
Seats +/– Seats +/–
Colorado Party777,70141.0410130
National Party660,76735.135–511–1
Broad Front401,10421.321+36+1
Civic Union46,2412.52New0New
Other parties9430.100
Invalid/blank votes44,569
Registered voters/turnout2,197,50387.9
Source: Nohlen


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