Uruguayan municipal elections, 2015

Uruguay's last local government elections were held on May 10, 2015, to elect the intendente of the 19 departments that are the administrative divisions of Uruguay, as well as 112 local governments.

This was the second time that both intendentes and alcaldes are elected simultaneously.


In the municipal elections of May 2010, the Partido Nacional had won 12 departments, the Partido Colorado 2 departments, and the Frente Amplio 5 departments.


One of the most competitive elections was held in Montevideo, where part of the population was uneasy with the administration of the Broad Front, which has been elected for the local government since 1990.[1] The Blanco and Colorado Party planned a common political project, with the intention of winning back Montevideo.[2] Two candidates have already been proclaimed:[3]

Then, other candidates followed:

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