Montevideo Department

Montevideo Department

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Location of Montevideo Department & its capital

Coordinates (Montevideo (km.0)): 34°54′21.4″S 56°11′29.6″W / 34.905944°S 56.191556°W / -34.905944; -56.191556
Country  Uruguay
Capital of Department Montevideo (km.0)
  Intendant Ana Olivera
  Ruling party Frente Amplio
  Total 530 km2 (200 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)
  Total 1,319,108
  Density 2,500/km2 (6,400/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Montevideano
Time zone UYT (UTC-3)
ISO 3166 code UY-MO

Montevideo is a department (departamento) of Uruguay. It is by far the smallest one in area but the most populated as well. It contains the city of Montevideo, capital of Uruguay. While most of the department is covered by the capital city, there are still smaller towns within its limits (e.g., Santiago Vázquez near the border with San José), which serve mostly as satellite towns and have still not merged with the rest of the city.


The Intendencia Departamental de Montevideo is charged with the executive functions of the Department, while the legislative functions are exercised by the Junta Departamental de Montevideo.

Population and Demographics

According to the 2011 census, Montevideo Department has a population of 1,319,108 (613,990 male and 705,014 female) and 520,538 households.[1] There are also 186,835 business premises.[2]

Main Urban Centres

During the 2004 census the following urban centers had been counted:[3]

City / Town Population
Montevideo 1,269,552
Pajas Blancas 1,976
Santiago Vázquez 1,482
Abayubá 924

The census of 2011 has counted a population of 1,319,108 for the whole of Montevideo. Separate numbers have been provided for each of the 8 new divisions of the department called Municipios (Municipalities).

Rural population

According to the 2011 census, Montevideo Department has a rural population of 14,026.


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Coordinates: 34°48′0″S 56°12′0″W / 34.80000°S 56.20000°W / -34.80000; -56.20000

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