Uruguayan privatisation referendum, 1992

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A referendum on partially repealing the law on public enterprises was held in Uruguay on 13 December 1992.[1] The proposed repeal was approved by 73% of voters.


On 10 January 1991 the General Assembly passed law 16,211 (Law on Public Enterprises), which allowed for the privatisation of some state enterprises.[1]

Two attempts were made to gain enough support to force a referendum, with a quorum of 25% of registered voters required - equivalent to 589,823 voters. The first attempt gained 448,265 in favour for a partial repeal and 21,473 for a full repeal. The second effort obtained 693,668 for a partial repeal and 14,960 for a full repeal. On 15 October 1992 the Electoral Court decided on a referendum on a partial repeal.[1]


Choice Votes %
Unevaluated votes100,191
Invalid/blank votes59,309
Registered voters/turnout2,345,07782.80
Source: Direct Democracy

Unevaluated votes were those cast by voters outside of their local polling station. They would have been examined after a court had decided on their validity, but as the result was already clear, they were not counted.[1]


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