Uruguayan general election, 1950

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General elections were held in Uruguay on 26 November 1950, alongside a constitutional referendum.[1] The result was a victory for the Colorado Party, which won the most seats in the Chamber of Deputies and received the most votes in the presidential election.



Under the electoral system in place at the time, each political party could have as many as three presidential candidates. The combined result of the votes for a party's candidates determined which party would control the executive branch, and whichever of the winning party's candidates finished in first place would be declared President.

Party Candidates Votes %
Colorado PartyAndrés Martínez Trueba - Alfeo Brum161,26219.6
César Mayo Gutiérrez - Lorenzo Batlle Pacheco150,93018.3
Eduardo Blanco Acevedo - Cyro Giambruno120,94914.7
al lema3130.0
National PartyLuis Alberto de Herrera - Martín Echegoyen253,07730.7
Salvador Estradé - Emeterio Arrospide1,4210.2
al lema3360.0
Independent National PartyAsdrúbal Delgado - Alberto Roldán62,7017.6
Civic UnionJuan Vicente Chiarino - Julio García Otero36,1004.4
Communist PartyEugenio Gómez - Emilio Costa19,0262.3
Socialist PartyEmilio Frugoni - Ulises Riestra17,4012.1
Social Democratic PartyElbio Rivero - José Percovich2420.0
Party of the AgreementDomingo Tortorelli - Anatolia Manrupe380.0
Liberal PartyLuis Strazzarino - Francisco Reboredo230.0
Party for the Defence of RightsRamón Rodríguez Socas - José dall'Orso60.0
Party of the PeopleFroilan Aguilar - José Victorio Puig40.0
Invalid/blank votes
Registered voters/turnout1,168,206
Source: Nohlen

Chamber of Deputies

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Colorado Party433,62852.353+6
National Party254,78830.8310
Independent National Party62,8687.67–2
Civic Union39,0934.44–1
Communist Party19,0262.32–3
Socialist Party17,4002.120
Social Democratic Party4,7110.600
Other parties710.00
Invalid/blank votes
Registered voters/turnout1,168,206
Source: Nohlen


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Colorado Party433,44052.917+2
National Party254,83430.4100
Independent National Party62,7017.52–1
Civic Union36,1004.310
Communist Party19,0262.30–1
Socialist Party17,4012.100
Social Democratic Party4,7150.600
Other parties710.00
Invalid/blank votes
Registered voters/turnout1,168,206
Source: Nohlen


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