Uruguayan general election, 2004

Uruguayan general election, 2004
October 31, 2004

Nominee Tabaré Vázquez Jorge Larrañaga
Party Broad Front National Party
Running mate Rodolfo Nin Sergio Abreu
Popular vote 1,124,761 764,739
Percentage 51,67% 35,13%

President before election

Jorge Batlle
Colorado Party

Elected President

Tabaré Vázquez
Broad Front

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General elections were held in Uruguay on 31 October, alongside a constitutional referendum.[1][2] The result was a victory for the Broad Front, which won a majority of seats in the Chamber of Deputies, and whose candidate, Tabaré Vázquez, was elected President.



Candidate Party Votes %
Tabaré VázquezBroad Front–Progressive Encounter1,124,76151.7
Jorge LarrañagaNational Party764,73935.1
Guillermo StirlingColorado Party231,03610.6
Pablo MieresIndependent Party41,0111.9
Victor LissidiniIntransigent Party8,5720.4
Aldo LamorteCivic Union4,8590.2
Julio VeraLiberal Party1,5480.1
Rafael FernándezWorkers Party5130.0
Invalid/blank votes52,421
Registered voters/turnout2,487,81689.6
Source: Nohlen

General Assembly

Party Votes % Chamber of Deputies Senate
Seats +/– Seats +/–
Broad Front–Progressive Encounter1,124,76151.752+1216+4
National Party764,73935.136+1411+4
Colorado Party231,03610.610–233–7
Independent Party41,0111.91New0New
Intransigent Party8,5720.400
Civic Union4,8590.200
Liberal Party1,5480.100
Workers' Party5130.000
Invalid/blank votes52,572
Registered voters/turnout2,487,81689.6
Source: Corte Electoral


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