Wardak (Pashtun tribe)

The Wardak Pashtun are a tribe from the Karlani subgroup of Pashtun in central and eastern Afghanistan, mainly found in Wardak Province. The Wardak are divided into Meer Khail, Mayaar, and Noori sub-clans. The various Wardak sub-tribes live in all of the province’s districts except for Hisa-I-Awali Bihsud and Markazi Bihsud. Some Wardaks can also be found in Peshawar, Battagram and Attock, and Upper Dir districts of Pakistan.

Some Wardak leaders were known for their opposition to the British in 18791880. During the Second Anglo-Afghan War, Muhammad Jan Khan Wardak gathered an army and fought against the British before being executed by Amir Abdur Rahman Khan. Wardaks played an important role in supporting Abdul Ahad Wardak against Amanullah Khan after Amanullah abolished Pardah and other Islamic rules.

Following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Wardaks fought against the Red Army and never submitted to their rule. They were the first to enter Kabul and defeated the army of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.

Currently, several Wardak Pashtuns hold important posts in the central government, including the Minister of Defense General Abdur Rahim Wardak, the Minister of Information, Culture and Youth Abdul Karim Khoram, and the Minister of Education Ghulam Farooq Wardak.


Wardak was the son of Sayed Mohammad, Wardak also known as Wardak Baba (the father) among Wardak people, had three sons, when he became old he advised to his sons and gave some gifts like the Cloth given to his son Mayaar, most of them living in Jaghato and chak.The Sword given to his another son Meer Khail. Only Mirror and comb left in Wardak Packet his youngest son Norri, go for mirror and comb most of the Noori and Meerkhail living together in Sayed abad districts.



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