Mamozai is a Pashtun tribe of Orakzai Agency along the Afghanistan and Pakistan border. Like many Afghans or Pashtuns, Orakzai are split along both sides of the border. It consists of a large area including places such as Sama Bazaar, Kach Gari, Jaba (land of beauty and water fountains), Matrak, Gutta Khel, Kalaya, Khawano, Krapa and Darrah. The Mamuzai have five subtribes (tapas: the Akhunzadagan, the Ado Khel, Abdur Rahim Khel, Sipoyee, and Mir Kalam Khel). A number of Mamozai also live in Kohat, Peshawar, and other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; those living in urban areas tend to be more educated but otherwise share most of the cultural norms of the Mamozai. This tribe is one of the most gallant tribes of fata.

The Mamuzai tribe borders the Alisherzai and Ali Khel tribes of Orakzai, as well as the Maidan of Khyber Agency.

Notable members

Notable Mamozai include:

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