Davi (also spelled as Dawi, Daavi or Daway) is a Gharghasht Pashtun tribe and the brother of the Kakar tribe. Both are the sons of Gharghasht tribe. The population of Davi tribe is almost equal to that of the Kakar tribe but apparently seems smaller than Kakar because of the close ties of both tribes; they intermingled and mixed so closely that most Davi tribesmen consider themselves as part of Kakar tribe. Therefore, a large portion of Davi tribe is part of Kakar.

The Davi tribesmen mostly live in Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Kashmir and India. Where there is a Kakar tribe, Davi will also be there living together either with name of Kakar or Davi. They also live in Pukhtoonkhwa, especially in Katlang, Dheri, Babozai and Sawal Dher, Mardan. Many Nawab families of Hindustan also belong to Davi tribe. The famous Islamic scholar and mufassir of the Qur'an Maulana Aazam Allama Muhammad Ubaidullah Sultani, Janfidaa Naqeebi and a famous senator and writer of Afghanistan, Abdul Hadi Dawai also belong to Davi tribe. The sardars of Quetta are also from Davi tribe. Davi is die hard nationalist and famous for bravery and hospitality. Davi tribesmen never subjugated to British rule and never paid taxes imposed by British government.



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