The Degankhel are a Pashtun tribe, primarily living in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


The Degankhel are a sub tribe of Mandanr Yousafzai. They predominantly live in the villages Khubai,MIAN ESSA,MARDANA, KATOZAI,Union council Hasanzai tehsil SHABQADAR and in parts of the District Mardan Khas, North Waziristan, dir,bajaur,& SWAT areas..


Along with other Pashtun tribes, they were expelled from Kabul by Mirza Ulugh Beg, a Timurid ruler and paternal uncle of the Mughal Emperor Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur. The Yousafzai migrated to the Peshawar valley where they sought and received help from the Dilazak. Later, the relationships between the two tribes deteriorated and a long war ensued. Twenty years later, at the battle of Katlang, the Yousafzai, the Utmanzae and other tribes pushed the Dilazak east of the Indus River under the leadership of Malik Ahmad Khan.


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