Sarwani,Sarvani or Sherwani (Urdu: شیروانی ) is a Bettani Pashtun tribe settled in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.


Earliest known member of Sherwani Family was Yousf Khan Haft Hazarvi. Who was a general of 7000 soldiers of Ahmad Shah Durrani, he came to India in 1707 and settled in different parts of Region near Delhi with town named Gohana in present India. They migrated to Pakistan region 100 years before partition to village near Sitiana. Presently they are settled in Faisalabad City. They are now Urdu speaking Family. They have served the nation in different capacities by now mostly in Pakistan Army.


The Sarwani or Sherwani tribes migrated to Southern NWFP Dera Ismail Khan and Northern Punjab and settled in Chaudwan and towns of Sialkot, Gujranwala, Aligarh, Narowal, Karnal and Maler Kotla. A town by the name of Dhraban was built by Sarwanis in DIK, where a dispute with Suris resulted in heavy casualties on both sides. The Miankhels of Dera Ismail Khan subsequently forced Sarwanis to leave that place. Some went to India, a few to a place near Wah known as Chikara. From Wah they migrated to Hazro, Multan(named as Afghan Colony), Deraghazi Khan and Attock. A few families are now residing in Spinkane Ziarat Ka Ka Sahib and Amiro Khairabad, NWFP, Pakistan. Those who migrated to India produced many generals especially in army of Sher Shah Suri. Some Sherwanis have made significant contributions in Indian history. Abbas Khan Sherwani wrote the history of Sher Shah Suri and Hasel??? Sherwani was an ataleeq (tutor) to Shahjehan . The Sherwanis established a state in Malir Kotla, Indian Punjab, while they were made the military governors of Sialkot by Sher Shah, a position they held till annexation of the town by Sikhs in 1799. During partition, many of the Sherwanis settled in Indian part of Punjab, UP and Bihar migrated to Sargodha, Layyah, Vihari, Sahiwal and Sialkot/Gujranwala and Rawalpindi areas.From lots of Sherwani's who came to Pakistan after Partition Mr Noor Un Nabi Khan ( cleric ) settled with his sons in Rawalpindi city,Elder son of Noor Un Nabi Khan is Manzoor Un Nabi Khan .In the Layyah they settled in Basti 'Doratta'. Sherwanis are now scattered in different parts of the world, very few can speak the Pashto language. Afghanabad is a village in Jhelum, where still the Afghan Sherwani is a major tribe. Nowadays sherwani are settled in different parts of Pakistani Punjab such as Faisalabad, Lahore and Hafizabad. Ijaz Ahmed Khan Sherwani is considered as tribal leader of the clan. Tahir Iqbal Khan prabu Sherwani is also one of the famous sherwani khan migrated from India and working as Executive(F&A) at Attock Petroleum Ltd.

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