Utmanzai (Sarbani tribe)

Not to be confused with Utmanzai (Wazir clan).

Utmanzai (Pashto: اتمان زی), also spelled Uthmanzai or Atmaanzai, is a Pashtun tribe in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Peshawar tribes
Yousafzai Mandarh

Utmanzai are generally considered to be a clan of Yusufzai, but they are, in fact, cousin tribes. Ottman, the ancestor of Utmanzais was son of Umar a brother of Yusuf, the ancestor of Yusufzais. They live in Charsadda, Topi, Kotha, Maini, Batakara in Swabi District, Abbottabad, Sari Pandori, Khalabat Township, Haripur District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan. In Punjab they are settled in Kasur District and on displacement after construction of Tarbela Dam, have settled in Attock, Hazara, Jhang, Toba Tek Singh and Khanewal Districts of Punjab .

Utmanzai tribe

The Utmanzai hold the extreme east of the right bank of the River Indus, also settling in a small area in the south of the Gadoon valley, and early in the 15th century were called across the Indus by the Gujjars of Hazara as allies against the Tareen Afghans, and appropriated the Gandgarh tract from Tarbela to the southern border of Hazara.[1] About more than 35 years (as on date 12-12-2009) ago a huge population of Utmanzai tribe were living at the both sides of Indus river. People living there were migrated to different places in Pakistan due to the establishment of new Dam called Tarbela Dam near Tarbela Village. Most of them have settled in Haripur Khalabat Township. Some of them have settled in Punjab district Attock (Utmanabad, Pathankot, Islamkot, Sultanpur, Dareak). In Afghanistan Utmanzai lives near to the Pak-Afghan border(Torkham) in the village name Gardee Ghose.

Nara Monument

In the times of Ahmad Shah Durani,Baba Said Khan, the head of the Said Khani family of the Utmanzai Pathans, held towns of Kota and Topi in Yusafzai area. He also founded Kalabat town to protect his possessions in Hazara. He was perpetually fighting with the Tanaulis and Tarins, but managed to hold his own and gradually to extend his estates. His grand grandson, Sadula Khan, was one of the boldest opponents of the Sikhs,defeating Sardar Hari Singh at Nara in the Gandgarh hills,Hazara in the year 1824. A white pillar was put up by the British Major Abbott to mark the spot where Sadula Khan and his retainers had fought and conquered.[2]

Sheikh Malli BaBa

Sheikh Mali Baba at Qambar Swat, was the great leader of the Yousafzai nation.He was from the Mandanr, Uthmanzai, Akazai branch of the Yousafzai. He is responsible for the land division and distribution of the Yousafzai and Tarklani tribe,the Lands that the Yousafzai people to this day have in their villages is because of this great man.[3]

Notable Personalities

Akhtar Nawaz Khan Minister for Transport & Fisheries KPK 2003-2008


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