Jalalzai (or Jalaazayi) is a Pashtun tribe settled in Southern Pashtunkhwa and Afghanistan. It is a clan belonging to the Kakar tribe of Pashtuns. Its shajara tree can be gotten as Kakar >Sanzarkhail>Ali>Jalalzai.

Sub branches

Main sub branches of Jalalzai include Merozai, Karimzai, Kamaludinzai, Shabozai, Shahizai, Mehmanzai, Khwajezai, Babakarzai, Khudizai, Talkhanzai, and Jogezai.

Their total population is nearly 55,000.

Places of living

Mostly the jalalzais live in Qila Saifullah, district of Baluchistan, Pakistan. They also inhibit Zhob, loralai,Quetta and Pashin. They also live in parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In Qila Saifullah, main places they live in include Sharan road Jogezai, Ksf town, Spin Ghar, Thoar Ghar, Jahangi Killi, and Kakar Khurasan.


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