Steak and oyster pie

Steak and oyster pie
Alternative names Beef and oyster pie
Type Meat pie
Place of origin England
Main ingredients Beef, oysters
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Steak and oyster pie, also known as beef and oyster pie is a traditional Victorian[1] English dish.[2][3] It is also known in Australia and New Zealand. In Ireland, it has been prepared by the Ballymaloe House,[4] and as a classic dish of the Ballymaloe Cookery School.[5] In the United States, it a regional dish of Norfolk, Virginia. There, neck, flank, round, or rump may be used. It is prepared in a Dutch oven, where it is slow-cooked until gelatinous.[6][7] Steak and oyster pie may be made with bluff oysters, and may use brewed, alcoholic beverages, such as ales, stouts and jenkums .[8][9] This dish is also prepared by Rick Stein using Guinness beer.

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