Kankrej cattle and Guzerat cattle

Kankrej cow
Kankrej bull
Kankrej (Guzerat), in Avaré

Kankrej cattle are a breed of Zebu cattle from the district of Banaskantha in the state of Gujarat in India, north of Mumbai on the west coast of Bharat. They are also known by the names Bannai, Nagar, Talabda, Vaghiyar, Wagad, Waged, Vadhiyar, Wadhiar, Wadhir, and Wadial.[1] Guzerat cattle are a breed developed in Brazil from Kankrej cattle imported from India. The name is a Portuguese spelling of Gujarat. They are, of course, very similar, both being tall draft/beef breeds with high horns. On the average, Guzerat are darker, bigger and have longer horns than Kankrej. The bulls usually are quite dark on the head and forequarters, lighter elsewhere. Guzerat and Kankrej are the principal breeds used in the formation of the American Brahman, along with the Gir and the Nelore. They show the usual advantages of Zebu cattle in the Tropics and Semi-Tropics, good heat tolerance and pest resistance.

Importance in India, Brazil and United States

In India this race is among the most importants(1). Guzerath is among the largest cattle of India and are prized in India as powerful draft animals and are moderate milk producers(1). In Asia, they are more created in the northern India(1).

In the United States, this race with the Nelore and Gir, are the three major Indian breeds that have had the most important impact on American cattle breeding(1). The Guzerat was the most important zebu breed for the formation of the American Brahman cattle(1). In the United States, pure guzeraths are rare, while they are common in Brazil and India(1).

In Brazil this race remains very common, but Nelore has complete dominance in beef cattle. Nellore has more than 80% of the Brazilian market for beef cattle. Guzerats must compete with Gir, Indo-Brazilian, Canchim, etc. for the 20% of the market left after the Nelore. Some millions of Guzerats are created in Brazil, against more than 100,000,000 of oxen with Nelore blood(2). Kankrej cattle has been important dual purpose breed of India. They have well adopted in North Gujarat. Banas Kankrej cattle which has been developed from Kankrej breed at Livestock Research Station, SDAU, Sardarkrushinagar has proved to be superior to crossbreds with respect to milk production and disease resistance <(Annual progress Report-2009, LRS, SDAU, Sardarkrushinagar, Gujarat)>

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