Arouquesa cattle

Arouquesa bull.
Arouquesa cow.

Arouquesa is a cattle breed from Portugal. The Arouquesa breed was granted protected geographical status of DOC (Denominação de Origem Controlada) from the European Commission


The cows reach a height of ca. 123 cm or 4 feet, the bulls ca. 134 cm, so the Arouquesas can be described as small. The cows' weight is around 360-430 kg, the bulls around 790-945 lbs.Their hair color is light brown although the males may become a little darker than females. Mucosa and claws are dark colored. The wide horns are directed forward, first down and then up.


Arouquesas are adapted to the mountains - their hind legs are very muscular. In Portugal today they still work as draft cattle. In the past century oxen often were exported to Great Britain because of their beef. In 1902 Arouquesa beef was the winner of the "Award for the Best Beef" in Paris. Unfortunately this excellent, fine marbled beef today is only known in Portugal. There they count as the best native breed for beef production. The animals are very long-living; 16-18 calves per cow are not uncommon. Most times they practice mother cow husbandry. The animals are very affable but active.


The breed region is circumscribed almost exclusively to the Northern Portuguese districts of Viseu, Aveiro, Porto, and Braga.

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