Snackwell's Devils Food cookies

Snackwell's was a brand of Nabisco products. Introduced in 1992, its products include cookies of a variety of flavors including creme, shortbread, and devil's food cake.

Snackwells were marketed as a fat-free and thus healthier snack, as the U.S. dietary guidelines of the early 1990s advocated a reduction in the consumption of fats. In an ironic and unintended consequence, Snackwells' higher carbohydrate count was later cited as a likely contributor to the obesity epidemic of the 1990s and beyond. [1]

The Snackwell Effect was named for the tendency to consume greater quantities of an item or service deemed morally superior, such as a putatively healthier cookie, or more energy-efficient lighting.

Snackwells were developed by Nabisco's principal food scientist, Sam Porcello.[2]

Snackwell branded products are now made by Back to Nature Foods in Naples Florida. In Canada, SnackWell's potato chips and crackers are available.

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