Cadbury Fingers

Product type Biscuit
Owner Cadbury
Country  United Kingdom
Introduced 1897
Related brands List of Cadbury products
Markets World

Fingers are a popular biscuit in the United Kingdom and Ireland which consists of a biscuit centre covered in chocolate. Fingers are produced at Burton's Biscuit Company in the United Kingdom and sold by Cadbury UK, and are distributed in markets around the world, including North and South America, Europe and Asia. Since March 2013, Cadbury Fingers have also been sold in Australia with three different varieties available.

Fingers are sold in rectangular boxes contained in a compartmented plastic tray sealed in Cellophane. Double size boxes holding two trays are also available. Promotional boxes containing three trays are also available at times. Boxes contain an average of 24 fingers.

The modern style of Cadbury Fingers were launched in 1951. However, a similar biscuit was first introduced in 1897 as part of a Cadbury biscuit assortment. As of late 2012, the Cadbury Fingers brand is worth £40 million and is the number one brand in the special treats biscuit sector.[1]

Each finger contains 30 calories, 1.5g of fat and 3.4g of carbohydrates. Cadbury describes one serving as consisting of 4 fingers.


Cadbury Fingers are now available in four different flavours;[2] toffee, white chocolate, dark chocolate and double chocolate, and are made in the following varieties:

Australian varieties:

Fabulous Fingers, the first sub-brand under the Cadbury Fingers brand, was launched in November 2011 with a £2m campaign.[3]


In the 1990s, adverts featured comedian Michael Barrymore singing songs about Cadbury Fingers and making note of the chocolate coating being Cadbury Dairy Milk. The packaging now displays the slogan 'one may lead to another'.

In October 2010, a new advertising campaign was launched and £4million was invested in the brand as a result.


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