Ritz "Crackers'n Cheez" Handi-Snacks

Handi-Snacks are a snack food product line sold by Mondelez International. The common two-compartment Handi-Snack has a small spread compartment and a larger compartment for crackers; a red plastic spreader is included with crackers.


Handi-Snacks were released by Nabisco in the mid 1980s and started with a cheese and cracker combination. These products were intended for consumption by grade-school students with their lunches. Nabisco tried peanut butter Handi-Snacks with crackers but later discontinued that product. With the acquisition of Nabisco by Philip Morris (now Altria Group), the products are now sold under the Nabisco brand owned by Mondelez International.

Current offerings

As of October 2014, Mondelez International offers a variety of items under the Handi-Snacks name. Mondelez International now offers breadsticks or pretzels with cheese and Oreo cookie sticks and cream cheese in addition to the traditional crackers and cheese.[1]

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