A piece of Mantecol, with nuts.

Under the brands Mantecol and Nucrem is marketed a typical dessert of the cuisine of Argentina, a sort of semi-soft nougat made from peanut butter. It was originally created and marketed in the 1940s by the confectionery company Georgalos. Founded by a Greek immigrant family, his main reference, Miguel Georgalos, took the inspiration in a dessert of Greek cuisine, the halva.

It is very popular in Argentina, where it is used as daily candy (especially between the months of December and February), as well as classic dessert of the Christmas table.

After the Argentine economic crisis of 2001, the company sold the rights of the candy to Cadbury Stani, who modified the recipe adding cacao and fat, to replace butter.

Since 2008 Georgalos begun, once again, production with the original recipe under the brand Nucrem.


The original recipe requires the following ingredients:

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