Daim bar


A Daim wrapper
Product type Confectionery
Owner Mondelez International (2012)
Country Sweden
Introduced 1953 (1953)
Related brands List of Kraft brands
Markets Worldwide
Previous owners
Website mondelezinternational.com
A Daim bar.

The Daim bar, formerly Dajm in the Nordic Countries and Dime in the British Isles, is a Swedish crunchy almond toffee bar covered in milk chocolate. It is similar to Hershey's Heath and Skor bars.


Daim was created by Marabou in Sweden in the 1950s. Marabou originally wanted to produce a version of the American Heath Co.'s bar; its vice president Lars Anderfelt inquired about licensing Heath's exact recipe. The Heath Co. refused but gave Anderfeldt a list of their ingredients. From this, Marabou created their own recipe, testing it in Stockholm in 1952 with great success. It was launched under the name "Dajm" throughout Sweden and Norway the next year,[1] Finland in 1963, and Denmark in 1971. It was renamed "Daim" in most countries in 1990, although it continued to be marketed in the British Isles as "Dime". The brand was purchased by Kraft Foods in 1993 and is now held by Mondelez International, which Kraft spun off in 2012.[2] The same year, its British and Irish factories began to use the spelling "Daim" as well.

A mid-1990s television commercial campaign for the chocolate bar in the United Kingdom featured the comedian Harry Enfield. In 2007, a 'Limited Edition Cappuccino' Daim bar was released. A limited edition forest fruit bar has also been released, as well as gingerbread Daim, Coke Daim, white chocolate Daim, dark chocolate Daim, blueberry Daim, lemon/orange Daim and mint Daim. Daim bars imported from Sweden (manufactured in Upplands Väsby) have been sold in IKEA stores in many countries.


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