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Clorets is a line of chewing gum and mints made by Cadbury Adams. It was introduced in 1951. Clorets gum and candy generally contains Actizol, a proprietary ingredient that has chlorophyll within it, which purportedly acts as an active ingredient to eliminate mouth odors.[1] Clorets was originally owned by The Warner-Lambert Company under its Adams division until Pfizer took over in 2000. The Adams division was sold to Cadbury-Schweppes in 2003, which is now known as Cadbury Adams (later acquired by Kraft Foods).

Clorets is currently a global brand of gum and mints positioned as a breath freshener. It is widely available in South America, South Africa, Middle East and South East Asia. The largest markets for Clorets are in Mexico, Thailand, Egypt and Japan.

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