Cadbury Snowflake

Cadbury Snowflake was a chocolate bar manufactured by Cadbury.

Launched in August 2000, it was a crumbly flaked white chocolate inside covered in smooth milk chocolate. Weighing approximately 32 g, producing a small bite size bars, it was produced and sold in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In 2003 the chocolate was renamed Flake Snow and was discontinued in 2008. It was subsequently launched for the first time in Australia in 2015.


Snowflake was promoted at the wedding of TV presenter Anthea Turner and her husband Grant Bovey. Having agreed an exclusive deal for the photographs of the wedding reception to be published in OK! magazine in an exclusive £300,000 deal, pictures appeared which showed the couple (apparently) publicising Snowflake. OK! magazine issued the photo to the media with this caption: ANTHEA TURNER AND GRANT BOVEY exclusive OK! wedding photograph, enjoying Cadbury's new Snowflake. For the complete wedding coverage and a free Cadburys Snowflake, buy OK! magazine this weekend. OK! First for celebrity news. The Sun described it as 'the most sickening wedding photo ever'.[1]

Turner received much bad publicity which damaged her career, and the incident is now referred to as Flakegate.[2]

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