Type Caramel candy
Place of origin France
Region or state Nord-Pas-de-Calais
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Carambar is a chewy caramel candy from France.


In 1954, Mr. Fauchille, director of the Delespaul-Hazard company, and Mr. Gallois, an employee, had a surplus of cocoa and decided to create a new, original recipe to use it up. The legend says that one of the machines in the factory was malfunctioning, making the long bars that still exists today. This sweet, in the form of a bar was named Caram'bar.

Each of the original Caram'bars were a regulated size and weight. The statistics are as follows:

Inside of the wrappers, there were "Carambar points" which could be redeemed for various Carambar-related products until 1961 when points where replaced by jokes. Carambar is famous for the poor quality of these jokes, and the expression blague Carambar (French: Carambar joke) refers to a bad or childish joke.

In 1972, the name changed to "Super Caram'bar". In 1977, the name lost its apostrophe.


Currently, there are many different flavours all available in multipacks:

There are now various other flavours available which include the Carambar Atomic which has sherbert inside. These have strange names like Green Cactus. There are Titeuf ones which have pictures of the Swiss comic strip star Titeuf and his friends. The Titeuf Carambars are blue on the outside and yellow inside or vice versa.

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