Naval ranks and insignia of Pakistan

The following is a list of the officer ranks and insignia of the Pakistan Navy. These ranks generally correspond with those of Western militaries, and reflect those of the British military ranks.

Commissioned Officers ranks

Officer rank badges are displayed on the shoulders.

Rank Insignia NATO Equivalent Details
Admiral of the fleet OF-10 Never awarded
Admiral OF-9
Vice Admiral OF-8
Rear Admiral OF-7
Captain OF-5
Commander OF-4
Lieut. Commander OF-3
Lieutenant OF-2
Sub Lieutenant OF-1
Midshipman OF-0
Structure of the CPOs and Sailors rank of the Pakistan Navy
Pay grade No EquivalentNo EquivalentNo EquivalentNo EquivalentOR-9OR-8OR-7OR-6OR-5- Insignia
Title Master Chief Petty Officer Fleet Chief Petty Officer Chief Petty Officer No Equivalent Petty Officer No Equivalent Leading Rate Able Seaman Ordinary Rate
NATO Code No EquivalentNo EquivalentNo EquivalentNo EquivalentOR-9OR-8OR-7OR-6OR-5
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